Mildura District Information

The wider Mildura district (as defined by the political election boundaries) stretches several hours drive south of Mildura, to  Wycheproof. But for the purposes of our local guide, we will restrict ourselves to places within 30min drive of Mildura.

Mildura: (Vic) Population is around 35,000.

Merbien: (Vic) Population approx 5,000.

Irymple: (Vic) Population 5,200.

Red Cliffs: (Vic) Population 5000.

Buronga/Gol-Gol: (NSW) Population 2-3000 combined

Wentworth: (NSW) Population approx 1,500.

A 1hr drive south on the Sturt hwy will take you to Euston (on the NSW side of the Murray river), population about 800.  5 min further and across the bridge back into Victoria, you will find Robinvale, population 2,200.