Red Cliffs

10-15 minutes drives south of Mildura on the main Calder highway is the sleepy little town of Red Cliffs, population 5,000(ish).

By Simtel –, CC BY-SA 3.0The reason for the name, “Red Cliffs”

Red Cliffs Attractions

Market: For me the #1 attraction is the monthly market held on the first Sunday of the month, 9am-1pm. With over 100 stalls spread across several streets and the local park, you won’t visit all of them in one visit. There is a strong emphasis on arts and crafts as well as plants and things for the garden. On our last visit, we picked up a pot of English Lavender for $5… half the price that you pay at Bunnings. We also stocked up on homegrown leeks, tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions, all much cheaper (and fresher) than you buy at the supermarket.


Big Lizzie: Visible from the Calder highway, Big Lizzie has been on  display in the Barclay Square park since 1971.  When you first see her, your thoughts are probably going to be…

  1. %$#@, that is one massively big tractor
  2. Check out those wheels
  3. An 8 tonne 60hp motor?? 

Built near Melbourne back in 1915, it took 2 years to make its way up here, and was originally destined to carry on to Broken Hill. However, unable to cross the Murray river, she ended up remaining in the Red Cliffs area and was put to work clearing land. Those dreadnaught wheels were incredibly well suited to the task. Goodness knows how many Mallee stumps she pulled out during her years of service!

The images below don’t give a true indication of her size. To really appreciate that, you need to go and  visit her yourself.