Mildura Museums

Visit Some Museums in The Mildura Area

Mildura has lots of small museums, catering to a wide range of tastes. For the car enthusiast, there is the Holden Museum just across the river in Buronga.

For aviation history and WW2 buffs there is the RAAF museum at the airport, and let’s not forget Chaffey House, Rio Vista, and the Art centre.

Holden Museum, Baronga

Holden Museum
Located in Buronga (only a few minutes drive from the centre of Mildura), is a real treasure for anyone that loves cars. In particular – Holdens (sorry Ford lovers, there is not a Falcon in sight!)

Mobile: 0408 830 989

RAAF museum, Mildura

RAAF Museum
The RAAF museum is at Mildura airport, and staffed by knowledgeable volunteers. Lots of models, medals, old newspaper clippings and memorabilia dating back to WW2.

Phone: (03)5022 7691

Holden Museum

Any true Holden enthusiast would be able to instantly identify the car in the picture… a 1968 GTS Monaro (that’s the HK). And this one is the 327 Bathurst model no less, very rare. I simply had to post a picture of it, because I used to own one, back in 1988. I paid $4000 for it back then, if only I had the foresight to realize what it would be worth today.

1968 GTS Monaro

1968 GTS Monaro

Another car to catch my eye was a 1960(?) FB Holden, I have never seen one in this condition. Very original looking indeed, although I confess this would probably not be my first choice colour scheme.

FB Holden

I think this FB Holden dates from 1960

There are around 35 cars on display currently, I expect that as time goes by this will expand… the vehicles in the museum are rotated regularly from the full collection of over 100 vehicles. They have a café at the front of the museum, and you can also purchase Holden merchandise. So… if you are in the area why not call in and see Kayleen at the front desk, treat yourself to a coffee, and take a look back at some outstanding Holden history?

  • Location: 58 West Road Buronga, NSW 2739
  • Open: Daily, 9.30am – 4pm
  • Email: Send Email
  • Phone: 0408 830 989
  • Facebook: Facebook Page
  • Cost: $12 adults, with seniors, students, and childrens discounts

RAAF Museum

Photos and details are coming very soon!